“Aphrodite” – a super popular Freeletics workout

What is the Freeletics workout “Aphrodite”?

Aphrodite is one of the most well-known freeletics workouts that trains the full body with focus on abs, and legs. You get 500 points as reward for completing it and don’t need any equipment.

Aphrodite consists of:

done in 5 rounds with 50, 40, 30, 20, 10 repetitions. See the screenshot below for more information.

The goal is to finish Freleetics Aphrodite as fast as possible doing each repetition properly. For burpees, this means you have to go down in a jump to the ground and lift your hands shortly from the ground, then get up in a jump and bring your arms behind your head. Check the freeletics video on burpees for more details.


Freeletics Aphrodite



My personal bests for “Aphrodite”:

I am got 3 minutes better, if you compare my personal bests in highest difficulty of June 29th and Aug 19th.

Aphrodite - Matthias Status - 21.10.2014

Aphrodite – Matthias Status – 21.10.2014

Personal bests of my peers and what you should know to score high:

The 13-15minutes personal bests of Alexander, Julian, and Levent are crazy good. To bet them, plan for at least a year of hardcore freeletics.

Looking at the next level of competition, you see some friends are listed at the end eventhough their personal bests is better than those of others. The reason is that you should always do your workout in the highest difficulty. When you get tired, do not start to do the repetitions half-hearted. Always do them like they are explained in the video. Otherwise, you didn’t do them in the highest difficulty and will be ranked behind all others that did Aphrodite in the highest difficulty, no matter what time they got.

I usually check the time of my peers before I start. To beat Christian below, I have to do Aphrodite 9 seconds faster this time. When I just push it a little bit more, I will succeed. This gives me a good incentive to give my best. Usually, I will either make it or be way worse. If I score e.g. 22:29mins next time, I will realize that Steffen is also not that far away. My short term goal is therefore, to lead the group after the superstars (Alexander, Julian, Levent). Mid term, I need to close that gap, too. I keep you posted how that goes… :-)



freeletics aphrodite personal bests

freeletics aphrodite personal bests


freeletics aphrodite personal bests

freeletics aphrodite personal bests

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