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with Freeletics Coach my mission is to support the global freeletics trend and blog about freeletics workouts, freeletics nutrition, freeletics equipment, and freeletics reviews from other free athletes.


This is my story


My first start with freeletics was tough and I failed

I started with freeletics in summer 2013. I did a couple of workouts, felt alone, didn’t get the point in training myself to a point beyond pain and eventually decided to give up. That felt like the right decision. I always had troubles in gaining weight, but also reaching ultimate definition (less than 5% body fat). I was sure that others just have better genetics. I thought with freeletics it was the same. So, I uninstalled the app and continued with my life.


One year later – the second try succeeded

Between 2013 and 2014 more and more friends joined freeletics and it became a movement. Some many friends were thrilled about freeletics, I decided to give it another chance. In late spring 2014, I purchased the freeletics coach and started the intense 15 week workout training. It was crazy. I was again multiple times sooooo close to give up. This time, I pushed myself hard, set up sleeping routines and wake up times, changed my nutrition, and good the right equipment. Also, I had peer pressure as I was exposed to the leaderboards with my friends. I had to rock it this time.  I became stronger and stronger and felt like a machine. I pushed it further and even increased my workout intensity by adding a 3 mile to most of my workouts.


Today –  the launch of, an international blog about freeletics workouts, freeletics nutrition, freeletics equipment and freeletics reviews

Today, I am so excited, I have to tell everyone about freeletics and many of my friends not-yet-convinced friends joined, too. The issue was that many of my German friends know about it, but literally no one abroad. In October 2014, I decided that I need to change that and launched

I will use for my English speaking peers and all other interested people to learn more about freeletics workouts, the right nutrition, equipment, and reviews / stories / pictures of others to prove that it works.


That said, you see: I am a true freeletics addict and I hope you follow me on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram! :-)


Let’s rock and never give up!



profile status 21-10-2014

profile status 21-10-2014


king prawns and vegetables

freeletics meal: king prawns and vegetables

A friend and me training in McCarren Park in NYC

A friend and me doing freeletics in McCarren Park in NYC

I use this bar when I work out indoor with freeletics

I use this bar when I work out indoor




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